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Girltalk is a blog filled with all the information that a teen can find helpful: relatable stories, tips, research, viral news, and trending topics about teenage life. The contents are curated with this goal in mind: to share valuable stories that shed light on teens’ physical and mental health, the latest issues experienced by the youth, as well as fun, uplifting stories written in easy, entertaining formats. This blog is dedicated to making teens feel understood and their voices valued and heard, providing a safe space for them just to be themselves. Soon, we will launch an app that will be easily accessible anywhere for teens on the go!

Your friendly resource for everything you need.

Girltalk is your guide to the latest stories in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, wellness, and story confessions relevant to teen experiences.

What are the latest fashion and beauty trends? Who are the most popular teen influencers? What are the best songs to listen to? What online games are the most fun to play? What online tools are the best for studying? What are the common struggles with growing up as a teen?

These are the questions that we seek to answer and more!

We combine professional, expert advice with real-life stories that empower, inform, and educate teens. Whether you’re a parent searching for a reliable resource or a teen looking for like-minded people going through similar experiences, we provide a dependable online platform where you can feel secure.

We understand that teens are different: some are late bloomers, some adjust to adolescence fast, while others grow slow and steady. Some are ready to become independent and can easily make decisions in life, while others feel unsure, confused, or afraid. Teens may often be concerned about how they look, how they fit in with their peers, who their friends are—but they also have their own goals, opinions, and perspectives. These factors are valid, and they deserve our attention.

That’s why we don’t subscribe to the common stereotypes of teenagers: that they’re rebellious and difficult. Every teen has their own story, and we are here to listen.

Your Community

Sometimes, being a teenager makes you feel like nobody understands you. You speak your own language, have your own unique hobbies, preferences, and interests specific to your age. Aside from a blog with a wide variety of contents, Girltalk provides a community where members can find same-age groups and individuals with the same interests and experiences. A simple search of a tag can lead you to relevant information and forums that will welcome and enable you to speak what’s in your mind! Our blog is designed with user-friendly tools that make it easy to navigate!

Your Safe Space

Everyone says that teenage life is hard. But for us, it can be really fun, too! Being young opens up many possibilities for you to become whoever you want to be, and it’s okay! We’re here to help you understand the changes you’re going through and embrace them as part of who you are. Without judgment or bias, we are here to listen to your hopes, dreams and be your online support every day, 24/7!

Our Advocacy: 

It's a teen's world:

Being a teenager is not easy. It’s an important time in life where one can no longer be considered as a kid, but not quite an adult either. Teens go through diverse experiences as they reach adolescence, and for many of them, these go beyond more than just an “awkward phase.” The youth face real challenges that are often misunderstood or relegated by adults as simply “part of growing up.” But during this time, teens often feel overwhelmed with not only physical changes, but also a wave of emotions that most of them aren’t capable of dealing. These growing pains are internal and external struggles that include transitional physical and psychological developments, but in a teen’s world—these are day-to-day experiences of peer pressure, self-esteem, body positivity (or negativity) and issues at home and school. All of these happen in this highly connected, digital world, in an ever-changing social environment, and in a society that’s moving fast.

Technology has largely changed the way teens communicate, which is both enabling and hindering the ways they express themselves. In relation to this, social media has become a huge source for them when it comes to navigating the way they learn, eat, date, and interact with others. Often, some of these sources are not reliable, and oftentimes proven to be dangerous.

We're here for you

Are you Googling bodily symptoms you’re experiencing and searching for quick solutions? Have questions about mental health and understanding your feelings? Do you feel embarrassed to talk about your personal life and feel like no one understands?

At Girltalk, we are every teen’s best friend. Whether you’re feeling confused, misunderstood, want helpful advice or simply need a safe space to express yourself, we are here for you—no judgments, no shaming, no pressures.

Girltalk is a multi-platform lifestyle blog based in Asia that was built to offer teens a circle of support and a place where they can share their stories and get to know other youths who are experiencing the same things. We don’t trivialize teen issues. We take them seriously to empower and give voice to their pains, dreams, opinions, and challenges. We’re here with you as you go through your journey to adulthood, in every step of the way.

We all need some help when it comes to understanding that these changes are normal and asking for support is okay.

Our advocacy is to help teens through easy-to-understand advice from professionals and experts, become their friend-the one they can look up to in times of both joy and need. We are also here as a trustworthy resource for parents who seek to become aware of their teens’ experiences and learn the best ways to be there for them.

The unpredictability of this extremely joyful, yet challenging time of being a teenager can bring a lot of worries with it, which is why this community is here to share this wonderful message: You aren’t alone! We are all in this together!